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The first employee symposium of LongPowers Technology was successfully held.

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Published on:2021-11-17

In order to make new employees adapt to the new working environment as soon as possible, strengthen the feelings of new and old employees, get to know their aspirations from zero distance, effectively help employees solve practical problems in work and life, enhance their sense of belonging, and give full play to their work enthusiasm and initiative, on the afternoon of July 17th, Xu Boxiong, vice president of operation of the company,  and representatives of new and old employees of various departments gathered together to have an exchange discussion.

First of all, Mr. Xu introduced the company's development planning and business overview. Under the background of this year's harsh economic environment, Longneng Company strove forward, grasped the market dynamics and seized the development opportunities. I believe that with the leadership of the company leaders and the joint efforts of all employees, the company will definitely develop in a better direction.

Subsequently, the staff representatives spoke one by one, introduced themselves briefly to everyone, and talked about their work and study experiences and confused problems. Mr. Xu listened carefully to their opinions and suggestions, and gave detailed answers to the questions raised, and sincerely encouraged everyone to have full confidence in the company, cherish the present working platform, and the company will actively create good living conditions and do a good job in logistics support for employees.

The atmosphere of the forum was sincere and harmonious, and the staff representatives said they were very happy to have such an opportunity to communicate face to face with the leaders, which reflected the company's attention and concern for employees. Everyone said that they would strengthen their confidence, stand on their own feet and contribute to the development of the company!